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Slim Gritty + Milhouse

Slim Gritty + Milhouse


Early 7pm -10pm… SLIM GRITTY + DJ DIMES

Slim Tim Collett is a singer songwriter who enjoys tapping into the timeless energy of Rockabilly and its roots Country/Blues influences. Injecting his compositions with pithy gritty funny and sad lyrical content, with a present day depth and relevance. Slim in variable line-ups is no stranger to festival and concert stages both nationally and internationally. Live with his buddies in their pared back trio, Slim Gritty draws in an audience and has the whole house jumping by the close of the show. Slim Gritty Rocks!

Late 11pm – 2.30am … MILHOUSE + DJ James MacArthur

a multi-genre rock/pop/top40 group featuring 5 young, talented musicians that know how to get the dance floor shaking with your favourite tunes. Playing the newest hits and classic tunes with plenty of surprises. Accompanied, as always, by DJ & Musical Chameleon James Mac til 3am.