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The Vibrolators + Milhouse

The Vibrolators + Milhouse


Early 7pm – 10pm… THE VIBROLATORS + DJ DIMES

Returning with a reportoire full of Swingin’, Rockin’, Surfin’, Jumpin’ & Jivin’…& a wardrobe full of fresh suits and ties, Those Wild West Coast Hipsters of the Blues are back…& bringin with ’em that Supersonic Swing, Jumpin’ Jive & Rockin’ Rhythms of the 40s & 50s…Vibro’s Style!!!

Later 11pm – 2.30am... MILHOUSE + DJ JAMES MACARTHUR

A multi-genre rock/pop/top40 group featuring 5 young, talented musicians that know how to get the dance floor shaking with your favourite tunes. Playing the newest hits and classic tunes with plenty of surprises. Accompanied, as always, by DJ & Musical Chameleon James Mac til 3am.