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Wal*Tones + Milhouse

Wal*Tones + Milhouse


Early 7pm – 10pm… WAL*TONES 

Wal*tones are CW (vocals & guitar), Hank (double bass & some vocals),  Pablo (drums & vocals) and Train Wreck (electric guitar & some vocals).  

“Wal*tones play an intoxicating mix of Alt-Country, Americana, Cowpunk, Rockabilly and Spaghetti Western” Founding Members CW and Pablo are probably best known as members of legendary Perth band ‘The Waltons’ who first met Train Wreck when he was a member of ‘The Dixie Outlaws’ when both bands were supporting ‘Stray Cats’. Hank has played in many roots influenced bands including ‘Electromen’ and ‘Vibrolators”  

“Wal*tones have performed at many Pubs, Clubs and Festivals over the years and offer a highly entertaining mix of originals plus their own take on some classic 80’s pop songs ”

Wal*tones latest single ‘Minimum Wage’ recalls the blue collar Heartland rock of ‘Bruce Springsteen’ and ‘Steve Earle’. Whilst the B Side ‘From Bollywood To Hell’ could be best described as ‘Ennio Morricone’ meets ‘The Clash’.

Late 11pm – 2.30am … MILHOUSE + DJ James MacArthur

a multi-genre rock/pop/top40 group featuring 5 young, talented musicians that know how to get the dance floor shaking with your favourite tunes. Playing the newest hits and classic tunes with plenty of surprises. Accompanied, as always, by DJ & Musical Chameleon James Mac til 3am.