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Wal*Tones + Milhouse

Wal*Tones + Milhouse


Early 7pm – 10pm… WAL*TONES 

Don’t miss out on the launch of the Wal*Tones 3 track “single” Saturday 29th October. The three tracks Minimum Wage, From Bollywood to Hell and Midnight Ghost were all recorded and mastered by Rob Grant at Poons Head Studios earlier this year.

The Wal*Tones invite you to partake in their strangely intoxicating spicy cocktail of Americana by way of Australiana, country cow folk, ska, rockabilly, swamp blues & spaghetti  ‘tex-mex’ Western. With massive stage energy – CW brings hot, howlin’ vocals and guitar; Pablo brings his high energy vocals and drums; Train Wreck rocks out on Archtop Guitar and spanking harmonies and Hank brings the sex on Upright Bass and horny harmonies.

Late 11pm – 2.30am … MILHOUSE + DJ James MacArthur

a multi-genre rock/pop/top40 group featuring 5 young, talented musicians that know how to get the dance floor shaking with your favourite tunes. Playing the newest hits and classic tunes with plenty of surprises. Accompanied, as always, by DJ & Musical Chameleon James Mac til 3am.